Oct. 20, 2014 News

Oct. 20, 2014 News

New 16-page Sheetfed Press Up and Running

This summer we announced that our 7,500 square foot expansion would feature a new 16-page sheetfed press. We’re happy to report that the press is up and running, and that the addition of this press expands our capabilities in ways that matter to our customers.

“It gives us that high-end, glossy page capability, but it is so efficient that we’re able to keep our newspaper-deadline mentality,” said Craig Ryan, our general manager. “The quality really is amazing. The new setup gives us higher resolution, better proofing and more precise and consistent color control.”

The expectation might be that this quality would be reflected in higher prices, but the greater efficiencies that the new press delivers actually leads to very competitive pricing. “With our older press, there were some jobs that we just couldn’t bid competitively, but the new press is opening up a lot of new markets to us. Glossy magazines, catalogs— those are the first things that come to mind, but there are a lot more projects that we’re going to be aggressively pursuing now,” said Kirk Friederick, sales manager.

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