Nov. 6, 2014 News

Nov. 6, 2014 News

Announcing “Talk Back to Us” Program

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“Back and forth communication between a company and its customers is more important the bigger you get, not less,” said Craig Ryan, general manager of Page 1 Printers. “We’re expanding both in size and capabilities, and that means communication will be critical as the opportunities for potential confusion multiply. To really serve new and existing customers, we have to know what they’re thinking, what they’re really interested in.”

To that end, Page 1 is initiating a “Talk Back to Us” program and promoting it through social media, newsletters, direct mail and personal contacts.

“We’ve communicated more, and in more ways, this year than ever before,” mused Ryan. “The newsletter, the blog posts and news updates, updating followers on LinkedIn—we want to be transparent, for our customers and prospective customers to really know us, to be comfortable with our approach to the business. But the crucial component, the part we can’t overlook, is the listening part. This is bigger than Page 1—it’s an issue for our whole industry to address. Are we listening?”

“It’s easy to say, ‘Yeah, sure, we’re listening to our customers.’ But customers are so used to vendors and so-called business partners that don’t listen that we have to do something special to get their attention, to let them know that we’re serious, that we want to hear from them. Is our communication to them talking about the kinds of things they care about? Do they have questions they’d like answered? Are there some industry topics they’d like to see us address in a newsletter article, for example? We’re going to try to get that message out ASAP, and we’ll keep repeating it as often as we need to.”

A special direct mail promotion will be announced soon in support of the new initiative.

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