June 16, 2105 News

June 16, 2015 News

Top 5 reasons to choose or recommend Page 1

Over the past year or so, we’ve been talking a lot about the key differences that make Page 1 Printers your first call for any kind of commercial printing. Here’s a quick recap of why these core competencies matter to your business:
1. Economical web printing. If you need primarily a lower-cost print option, our non-heatset web printing system is intrinsically faster than a sheetfed press and is capable of producing up to 30,000 impressions per hour—and that translates to a more economical job.
2. Premium printed products. Our 16-page sheetfed press can handle larger, higher-end jobs, with higher resolution printing and more precise color control. Our smaller 8-page sheetfed press gives us the flexibility to do “combo jobs”—a slick, sheetfed-press printed cover on a web-printed book or booklet, for example.
3. Insert/mailing system helps control mailing list costs by verifying address formats for accuracy, trimming your postage rates while increasing delivery percentage.
4. Free digital file preview. You can get your jobs submitted and approved faster than before and collaborate with us on changes and reviews in real-time. Your files will be automatically checked for problems like incorrect colors, lo-res images, improperly embedded fonts and more. And if you choose to use the tools available in our online preview, you can check CMYK separations, zoom to the tiniest detail and more. All at no extra charge.
5. Dedicated delivery fleet. With our dedicated delivery truck fleet, we make multiple weekly trips to Fargo-Moorhead, Omaha and Lincoln, Des Moines, Minneapolis and Eau Claire. In fact, we’ll make deliveries pretty much anywhere within a 300-mile radius of our home base in southwest Minnesota. The trucks range from a full-sized semi and trailer to a standard cargo van; in between, we have a cube van and two straight trucks. Our three larger trucks have lift-gates, because we know that some of our customers don’t have loading docks. As printers, we understand what a deadline is—and that understanding is shared by our delivery drivers and dispatchers.

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