July 9, 2014 News

July 9, 2014 News

News Alert on U.S. Post Office Closings


Regional Postal Service Processing Plants closing, service standards dropping for periodicals, first-class mail


The U.S. Postal service announced last week that it would close or consolidate more than 80 mail processing plants nationally, and lower service standards for periodicals and first-class mail. In our home state of Minnesota alone, four of these plants—Duluth, Bemidji, Mankato and St. Cloud—have been consolidated into the Twin Cities center.

There is no doubt that this will lead to slower mail service, especially in the rural areas of the West and Midwest, and will hit rural newspapers and direct-marketers especially hard.

In a letter to the Postmaster General the president of the National Newspaper Association said, in part: “We deeply regret our long-time partnership with the Postal Service is about to be further stressed by another degradation of service. NNA does not understand how rising prices, slower service and further concentration of services into urban areas helps our nationwide mail service to survive Internet competition or any other threat.”

You can read more about this announcement on the NNA website, by clicking here.

We encourage all of our customers to stay on top of this issue, and communicate their concerns to their elected officials.

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