July 23, 2015

July 23, 2015 News

Page 1 provides no-hassle saturation mailing

You’re printing up 10,000 flyers and you want to saturate a specific geographical area market with them. Page 1 Printers is printing them, but now who takes care of the mailing? Does one of your people need to do the research and figure it out? Do you go directly to the Postal Service and work your way through the permits, fees and regulations? Who manages all this going forward? Do you hire a distribution company?

Actually, the no-hassle solution is to let Page 1 handle the saturation mailing for you. This kind of mailing is based entirely on USPS carrier routes, and there are several options you can choose. Tell us the area you want covered, whether you want all the addresses or just the residences, whether you want city routes or rural routes or both. You can even decide to include P.O. boxes. We’ll figure out the mailing for you, using our permit. You don’t have to deal with your own permitting process, postage statements, or other fees. You also don’t have to make a huge time investment to stay on top of postal regulations or update the routes. We do all that for you at no extra charge. Ask Kirk or your customer service rep for more information.

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