Customer Service

July 2014 Customer Service Editorial

What pops into your head when you hear someone say, “You need to call Customer Service”?

Craig Ryan, General Manager, Page 1 Printers

Let me tell you what made me think about this. Several weeks ago, I decided to change vendors for the phone/internet/TV at my house. I’d been having trouble with the incumbent’s phone service, and I wasn’t happy with the internet speeds—it was time to make a change. So I decided to try a new provider.

First of all, I had to fight my way through what seemed like about 10 minutes worth of prompts before I talked to a real live human being. This person didn’t seem terribly interested, and I wondered briefly where in the world he actually, physically was taking my call from. But he did say all the right things. Yes, they could give me what I wanted. Special requests? No problem! Sure, they could port my phone and give me an extra cable box, plus a couple of special channels my wife wanted that weren’t in one of the standard packages.

Of course, he told me what I wanted to hear. And then I found out, after the installation, that they had not ported my phone. Or given me the extra cable box. Or given my wife her extra channels.

I can’t tell you how many times I called Customer Service before I finally got what I’d signed up for. I can tell you that I never spoke to the same person twice, though. I had to keep escalating my complaint up through higher and higher supervisory levels until someone finally had the authority to act. It shouldn’t be that hard to do business with someone!

Now, 30 days later, I have everything I’d originally ordered, but only after hours of painful phone calls.

This experience made me think about our own Customer Service department and the people who staff it. I don’t think I am being too prejudicial when I say that a call to Page 1 Printers is the polar opposite of the runaround I got from my new internet company.

Every Page 1 customer has an assigned Customer Service Rep to talk to, each and every time. When you call us, you can feel confident that Marcy or Jeffery or Kari will absolutely give you straight answers to your questions and even make the experience of calling them enjoyable! You get personal attention. Comprehensive answers to your questions. Innovative solutions to any problems that arise. A willingness to listen.

That’s what puts the “service” in our Customer Service.

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