Feb. 3, 2015 News

Feb. 3, 2015 News

Carmen Kraus of Abilene Machine Wins Drawing for $100 Gas Gift Card!

A couple of months ago we sent out a mailing to promote our “Talk back to us” program, in which we solicited your suggestions for future topics to address in our blog, LinkedIn updates and newsletter. As an added inducement to “talk back to us,” we offered a free drawing for a $100 gasoline gift card—with gas prices going down, that will buy even more gallons now, which is an unexpected bonus!

Our winner is Carmen Kraus, the Advertising and Print Coordinator for Abilene Machine, Inc., of Abilene, Kansas. Abilene Machine provides ag replacement parts, with locations in Abilene, Sioux Falls SD, Billings MT, Bishopville SC and McFarland CA. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Carmen and all the rest of you that entered the drawing and sent suggestions. We appreciate it!

When we first announced the promotion, we asked, “Are we talking about the things you care about? Would you like us to address specific industry or technical issues or explain certain parts of the printing process better? Let us know!” That desire to hear you talk back to us didn’t end with the conclusion of the promotion—we’re always eager to hear from you.

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