Aug. 19, 2014 News

Aug. 19, 2014 News

Stochastic screening for better color, finer detail

Stochastic screening—also known as FM screening, or by its Kodak brand name, Staccato—offers a vastly improved final printed product. (Screening is a stage in the printing process. This type of screening uses computer software to create very small dots that are imaged onto a printing plate.)

We encourage the majority of our customers to use the process. Here at Page 1 we use it on our own web-press. We will use it on our new sheet-fed press as well. The comprehensive explanation of the Staccato brand stochastic screening that we offer involves a lot of technical details, but most of our customers say they see the difference – deeper, richer, more true colors; better detail and control of the image; and noticeably improved consistency. Nor does stochastic screening produce the rosette and “ripple” patterns of more conventional methods.

To quote Kodak’s explanation, “Staccato Screening produces high-fidelity, continuous tone images that exhibit fine detail and an extended color gamut, creating a photographic experience free of visible printing artifacts, such as subject moiré and rosettes.”

Not all printers offer stochastic screening, but we highly recommend that any job requiring attention to detail or color or precise reproduction should be produced using the stochastic screening process. If you’re not using Page 1 Printers, at least make sure that your current printer offers stochastic screening.

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